How to Backup Quickbooks Company Files

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Performing a backup of your Quickbooks data


Your quickbooks data is stored in a file with a QBW extension. Usually its appears like: {companyname}.QBW

Its not advisable to backup open files as the integrity of the backup cannot be guaranteed. Even though Quickbooks or other software, appears to be not running, there are services that run for software which keep the files active possible corrupting or having a backup fail. Quickbooks keeps a database manager, sync manager and other services operational even if Quickbooks is not active.

This tutorial will show you how to perform a backup within Quickbooks, that can later be backed up using Onguard Remote Backup. This process will allow you to create a good backup of your data automatically so you can “backup the backup” and protect your company files. We recommend to have Quickbooks backup your data file:

(1) Every time you exit Quickbooks or
(2) after every 2nd time its closed – depending on the size and time it takes to backup your data file.


How To Video: Backing Up Quickbooks

Steps To Backup Quickbooks

  1. Open Quickbooks
  2. If you haven’t opened the backup wizard yet, choose File > Back Up Company > Create Local Backup.Step1
  3. Click Next to select local backup.Step2
  4. Select a save location for your Quickbooks backup. We recommend creating a folder inside your My Documents folder called “Quickbooks Backup”. You will also be asked how often to remind you to back up your company file. We recommend backing up after every time Quickbooks is closed. Step3
  5. If you are backing up to a local disk, Quickbooks will ask you to confirm.
  6. Click Next to begin the backup.Step4
  7. Then click OK.Step5
  8. Save the backup now
  9. Click Save to begin the backup process. Step7
  10. Quickbooks will alert you once the backup has been completed. Step8

Now you can backup your important company data using Onguard Remote Backup.

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