Backing up Quickbooks Using Onguard Backup

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Previously we discussed how to create backup files in Quickbooks (review previous post: creating backups in Intuit Quickbooks. The next step is adding those backup files you created to your OnGuard Remote Backup service.
Backup QuickBooks and Outlook

  1. Open your My Documents Folder.Open My Documents
  2. Create a new folder inside My Documents called Quickbooks Backup.
  3. Open Quickbooks and perform a backup, save the file inside Quickbooks Backup
  4. When the backup is completed, open Onguard Backup using the icon on your desktop. Monitor
  5. Select Backup and then Selections.
  6. In selections, expand computer and select volumes.
  7. Browse to c:\users\[Your Name]\My Documents. Check off the folder called Quickbooks Backup. Press Save. That’s all there is to it!
  8. The next time the software is scheduled to run a backup, your files will be backed up to your data vault.
  9. To verify that your files were backed up, select the Monitor tab inside Onguard Backup.

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