Adding Your Outlook Data To Onguard Backup

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These instructions will allow you to locate your Outlook Data File and set your OnGuard Remote Backup to perform a backup of your emails.
Your contacts, messages, calendar entries, tasks, and all other email data is stored in a special file on your computer called a PST file. This file should be backed up regularly to ensure you do not lose your history in the event of a hardware failure.

Note: You must have Outlook closed before you perform a backup or before your scheduled backup begins.

Video: How to add your Outlook Data to Onguard Backup

Part 1 – Locate your Email Data

  1. Open Start and then select Control Panel
  2. Double Click Mail (See Image Below)
  3. Click Data Files (See Image Below)
  4. Highlight the folder Labeled Personal Folders and select Open Folder(See Image Below)
  5. Write down the full path shown in the address bar. You will need to browse to this path in step 2.
    In most cases the default path will be C:\Users\{Your Username}\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\
Locate Email Data

Part 2 – Add data to Onguard Backup Selections

  1. Open Onguard Backup
  2. Click Backup, and then Selections
  3. On the left window: Expand Computer and then double click on Volumes
  4. Double click drive C and then drill down to the path you found in Part 1
  5. Select each of the files inside the outlook folder and then click save
Outlook Data Onguard

Your outlook files will now be part of your regular backup