Compact Your Aldelo POS Database

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It is extremely important to back up your system’s database frequently. Too many businesses wait until it’s too late to make sure that their database is safe. For this reason, Vanguard recommends¬† its clients to perform a monthly backup of their POS database, sometimes even weekly depending on how busy the business is. Compacting your database can bring many benefits to your business. It can help your Aldelo system, and your business, run FAST and efficiently.

Here’s How

If you’d like to know how you can perform this process, follow the following steps:

IMPORTANT: Turn off Aldelo on all stations or data corruption may occur. We recommend performing these steps either BEFORE or AFTER business hours to prevent your staff from accidentally using the system.

  1. Turn off Aldelo on all stations!
  2. Turn off Aldelo on absolutely all stations!
  3. Did we mention turning off Aldelo on every single station?
  4. Open Aldelo for Restaurants on the server.
  5. Log in to Back Office.
  6. Click icon to back up database.
  7. Select backup location (preferably a thumb drive, or external hard drive) and then execute.
  8. Click compact database.

That’s it! Remember to perform this as frequently as you need to, again, we recommend monthly or weekly.

We can help!

Of course, you can call any time if you would like our professional help. Vanguard also offers remote backup services and we can perform these maintenance tasks for only pennies a day!

Protect your business!