Webmail Main Interface

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The Webmail Main Interface:

  1. Folder View: Contains items such as Inbox, Drafts, Sent Items, and Deleted Items.
  2. Mail: Displays New Messages
  3. Calendar: Displays The Calendar
  4. Contacts: Displays The Contacts Folder
  5. Tasks: Displays The Tasks List
  6. Public Folders (If Applicable)
  7. Message View Area / Reading Pane: Displays messages in the selected folder
  8. New: Create a new message.
  9. Delete: Delete a message.
  10. Move: Move a message into another folder.
  11. Filter: Display messages based on a specific condition. For example: only show messages from someone@somedomain.com
  12. View: Change the message view settings. Enable / Disable conversation view, move or enable / disable the reading pane.
  13. Options Menu