Compacting Aldelo database when Aldelo will not start

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If you have an error in the Aldelo database or the database is very large and Aldelo will not start, you can still compact the database and try to fix the error.

  1. Exit Aldelo on ALL workstations – we advise to turn all stations off except server
  2. BACKUP your database manually by copying the files to another folder i.e. c:\aldelobackup
  3. Use file manager to goto C:\Program Files\Aldelo\Aldelo for Restaurants
  4. Find the file: Jet Compact and double click it
  5. Once in the utility, click on the key with the 3 dots under where you see “database to compact from (source)”
  6. Navigate to the location of your database, the default path is: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Aldelo Systems\Aldelo Data\Aldelo for Restaurants\Databases\Live\{your restaurant name} – Your path may be different – if you purchased from us, we set the database to: C:\resdata – ask your administrator for this information – or call us to login and help.
  7. Right click on the database and choose RENAME
  8. Add the words BACK to the beginning of the database name so it looks like: back{original file name}
  9. Double click on the renamed database to go back to the Jet Compact utility
  10. Where it says “Database to compact to (destination) click on the three little dots
  11. You should be in the same folder as the renamed database – re-select this database
  12. Under where it says database to compact to (destination) you will now have a target line filled in. Place your curser in the target line and move to the right until you see where it has your database name with the BACK in the beginning. Remove the word BACKĀ  by deleting it or using backspace but do not delete anything else
  13. If your database was created using the Aldelo for restaurants software you are using a 4.x database. If you created your database using the next pos software your database is a 3.x format. You will need to select the correct format in the bottom right corner of the utility.
  14. Click COMPACT
  15. Once this is completed you will see “READY” in the bottom left
  16. Exit the program and restart Aldelo

If you have any issues, please contact Vanguard Systems for help