Setting Up Aldelo EDC

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To perform credit card processing with Aldelo for Restaurants, Aldelo provides the EDC Server. This is a stand-alone application that can integrate with Aldelo for Restaurants. EDC Server has it’s own licensing which must joined to the Aldelo for Restaurant’s licensing by an Aldelo representative. Our point of sale computers have Aldelo EDC preloaded, which makes the setup process much easier to complete.

Configuring EDC – Database Configuration

  1. Open Aldelo EDC Server – Start>All Programs>Aldelo EDC>Aldelo EDC
  2. Select Processor from the list
  3. SQL Server Name (Instance Name) = Station1Aldelo
  4. EDC Web Service Hostname = Station1
  5. Daily Auto Batch Close Time = 4:00 AM
  6. Click the User Accounts and Passwords Tab
  7. Administrator User Name = Administrator
  8. Administrator User Password = “@Aldelo123”
  9. Batch User Name = Batch User
  10. Batch User Name Password = “#Aldelo123”
  11. POS User Name = POS User
  12. POS User Name Password = “$Aldelo123”
  13. Skip Email Notification Tab
  14. Click Finish Tab
  15. Click Create Database
  16. Select “No” at prompt to configure email notifications
  17. Login with Administrator credentials
  18. Fill out Security Questions:
    • What is the name of your first pet? = “pet”
    • What is your mother’s maiden name? = “maiden”
    • What is the model of your first car? = “car”
  19. Click Update and then OK to the prompt to remember the Security Questions

Verify Services Are Running
On EDC / Server Station do the following:

  1. Under Windows Services, locate the entry “SQL Server (ALDELO)” and double click
    Set Startup Type = Automatic
  2. Start Service
  3. Click Apply and OK
  4. Verify Windows Timezone and Time are correct for user’s preferences

Integrate Aldelo for Restaurants with Aldelo EDC
Step 1: Login to EDC Server again with Administrator Credentials

  1. Click the EDC Navigation Button (top left icon with computers) and go to User Accounts
  2. Double click POS User
  3. Copy the Integration Token

Step 2: Open Aldelo for Restaurants

  1. Navigate to Back Office>Store Settings>Revenue Tab>Configure EDC Integration Settings
  2. Enter EDC Connection Information:
    • EDC Server Hostname (can use IP if statically assigned) = Station1
    • EDC Server Application Name = AldeloEDC
    • DO NOT check the box “EDC Server uses SSL”
    • Click Update
    • Login using EDC Server Administrator Credentials
  3. Set POS User Name = POS User
  4. Paste POS Integration Token
  5. Set Batch User Name = Batch User
  6. Switch Windows back to EDC Server
    • Click User Accounts Tab to return to the top level User Accounts listings
    • Double Click Batch User
    • Copy Integration Token
  7. Switch back to the Aldelo for Restaurants-EDC Configuration Screen [Administrator]
    • Paste the Batch Integration Token
    • Click Verify Users
    • Click Update
  8. Click “This Station” Tab
  9. Click Install AFR Service
  10. Click Update
  11. Click Store Level Tab
  12. Click Welcome Tab
  13. Click Exit
  14. Click Save & Done

Set Up Merchant Account Parameters

  1. Login to Aldelo EDC server using Administrator Credentials
  2. Click the EDC Navigation Button (top left icon with computers) and go to Merchant Accounts
  3. Click “New” Tab (bottom), and “I Agree”
  4. Account Name = Credit Card
  5. Account Type = Primary Credit Card Merchant Account
  6. Active Account – Check the box
  7. Merchant Service Provide – select the only option
  8. Business Type = Restaurant
  9. Enter Merchant ID
  10. Enter other required parameters in bold as required
  11. Click Save and Done

Configure Client Stations

  1. Navigate to Back Office>Store Settings>Revenue Tab>Configure EDC Integration Settings
  2. Login use Aldelo EDC Administrator Credentials
  3. Click Station Settings tab
  4. Click Install AFR services
  5. Click Update
  6. Click The Store Level Tab
  7. Click the Welcome Tab
  8. Click Exit
  9. Click Save and Exit

Configure AFR Service to work for Win 7 Limited User Accounts

  1. Find the Aldelo AFR Service in the Windows Services listing
  2. Navigate to the Log On tab
  3. Select radio button for “This Account”
  4. Click Browse
  5. Enter the object name to select” = local service
  6. Click OK
  7. Delete the Password and Confirm Password fields
  8. Click Apply and OK
  9. A message will appear confirming the account has been granted access
  10. Restart Service

Activate Aldelo EDC Software

  1. First follow procedures to register Aldelo for Restaurants
  2. In Aldelo For Restaurants, go to Back Office>Help>About Aldelo for Restaurants
  3. Take note of the serial number for Aldelo for Restaurants
  4. Close Aldelo for Restaurants
  5. Close Aldelo EDC
  6. Locate Aldelo EDC serial number (emaied from, or provided by merchant processor)
  7. Open Aldelo EDC Server and it will prompt for registration
  8. Key in Aldelo EDC Serial Number
  9. Call Aldelo Support to complete registration: 209-338-5481 x 1 (registrations/activations)

Testing Steps

  1. Perform testing with End User to verify functionality
  2. Provide Aldelo EDC Administrator login credentials to end user
  3. Demonstrate Cashier In Procedures
  4. Process small transaction with a live credit card
  5. Demonstrate Cashier Out Procedures and apply small tip to live test transaction
  6. Close Aldelo to the main screen
  7. Go to Operations>Revenue Center>Close EDC Batch
  8. Call Merchant Processor to verify batch was processed

Common Problems:

  1. How do I close Aldelo EDC Server?
  2. Double click Aldelo EDC icon in the windows system tray, if minimized
  3. Login to Aldelo EDC with administrative credentials
  4. Click the EDC Start button in the upper right corner of the window
  5. Click “Exit Program” and follow instructions
  6. Alternately, you may force EDC to shut down during logoff without causing problems

To change the processor platform selected for Aldelo EDC, do the following:

  1. Close Aldelo EDC
  2. Locate C:ProgramDataAldeloAldelo EDCLicense
  3. Change folder name from “License” to “License.old1”
  4. Startup Aldelo EDC and you will be prompted to choose the processor again

To disconnect the integration between Aldelo for Restaurants and Aldelo EDC software:

  1. Ensure that all cashiers and staff banks are closed, and EDC batch settle has been completed
  2. Open Aldelo for Restaurants
  3. Go to Back Office > Store Settings > Revenue Tab
  4. Click “Clear EDC Integration Settings”
  5. Click Save and Done