Can you restrict discounts to either item or order? How can I tell how discounts are being applied? I think my employees are discounting an entire order rather then individual items.

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When you select discounts you will next be prompted to select either “Discount Order” or “Discount Item” you can’t disable either of these options.

If you go to back office then select reports at the top, scroll down to other and click on “Discount Usage” you can view the discounts for any date range you would like too.

Now, if you have an employee in question you can pull their discounts out of this report get all the order numbers and then manually recall each ticket by order number and view it.

If the discount is applied to an item it will appear directly after the item on the check, if the discount is applied to the entire order there will be a one line space between the last item on the check and the discount amount.

Note: There is a security setting that you can choose to enforce that says “Discounts Require Manager” if you select this option and then change the Minimum Security Level so that only managers and maybe some key employees can apply these discounts so the system isn’t taken advantage of.

So, if an employee needs to apply a discount they will need either a manager or somebody else with this minimum security level to enter their code or swipe their card.

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