How do I setup EDC e-mail notifications to alert me when my batch auto settles?

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To send notifications, you must have an SMTP account. The information necessary to setup this account must be obtained from your Internet Service Provider (ISP). If your ISP requires SMTP authentication, then you must enter the SMTP Server Name, the Authentication User Name, and the Authentication Password in the fields on the left side of this screen. Be sure to use SMTP port 25 unless your ISP designates a different port number for SMTP.

The sender e-mail address field indicates the e-mail address from which the e-mail was sent. Typically, a user selects a sender e-mail address such as “” where “” represents your normal e-mail domain.

The notification feature allows up to three parties to be notified of selected events. Enter the e-mail addresses of these parties in the three Notification Email Address fields on the form. Typically the manager and a person with technical skills are notified, with the third party being the Merchant Service Provider (or Aldelo Technical Support when troubleshooting). Please be sure to receive permission from third parties before setting them up in your notification list.

Select the corresponding checkboxes for the notifications you wish to deliver.
 Select the “Email Batch Close Success” checkbox to notify your recipients whenever a batch is closed successfully.
 Select the “Email Batch Close Failure” checkbox to notify your recipients whenever an attempt to close a batch fails.
 Select the “Email Batch Close Error” checkbox to notify your recipients whenever a batch close attempt returns an error message.
 Select the “Email Self Heal & Other Events” checkbox to notify your recipients whenever a Self Heal event or any other event not covered by the other categories occurs. A Self Heal event occurs when one or more database synchronizations were skipped due to the fact that the computer’s processor was too busy at the scheduled synchronization time to perform the synchronization.
 Select the “Email Critical Error” checkbox to notify your recipients whenever the software reports the fact that a critical error has occurred.
 Select the “Email Database Maintenance Access” checkbox to notify your recipients whenever someone attempts to access your database to make changes to it.
 Select the “Email Denied Logons” checkbox to notify your recipients whenever an unauthorized attempt is made to login to the system.

Be sure to click the “Save” button when finished.  Contact Vanguard Systems for your POS Sales and Service