How do I void a gift card or certificate? I’m only using the local gift certificate feature in Aldelo and not processing my gift cards through my credit card processor.

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To void a gift card or gift certificate, you will want to go to the back office. Click on the “Activities” menu at the top and then select “Customer Activities.” Next, select “Maintain Gift Certificates…”

This will open the “Maintain Gift Certificates” window which will show you all the gift certificates that have been issued and their current status. The status can be “Active”, “All Redeemed”, or “Voided”. The “Active” status is for cards that are still active and have a balance. The “All Redeemed” status is for cards that have been completely redeemed and no longer have a balance. The “Voided” status is for cards that have been voided and are no longer active.

You can change the status of any card – to void a card, simply select the account number on the left and change the status to voided. Immediately after you do this, the issue amount will change to $0.00. You can set the card back to active and the original balance will re-appear. The same applies when you set a active card to “All redeemed”   Contact Vanguard Systems for your POS Sales and Service