How do I setup an automatic tare weight for weighted items?

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There is a couple steps to complete this process, first you will need to know the menu item ID and the weight of the item you want to auto tare.




Then you will navigate to your back office select station settings and go to your other options tab and proceed to click on the extra settings button.



Now you will scroll down to the “weight size 1 items”, and this is where you want to enter the menu item id number this will link the auto tare to that specific weighted item.



Next you want to enter the weight of the item you want to tare out of the total weight where it says “weight size 1 tare”. So if you want to tare the weight of a cup out of a weighted item your selling and the cup ways .32 on the scale your using, then you would want to enter .32 in this field.



Then click on done and return to your POS screen and select that menu item and the weight on the display of the scale and the weight on the screen should reflect that auto tare weight that was set up.