Using The Aldelo Customer Import Utility

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The Aldelo® Customer Import Utility is designed to aid the user in importing customer records into the Aldelo® For Restaurants database automatically, saving countless hours of manual data entry. It allows the user to create a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file in Microsoft Notepad containing customer information and then import the file into Aldelo® For Restaurants. Optionally, you may import information from an exported text file from an infoUSA information file (infoUSA is a service that provides sales leads and mailing lists for a fee). The imported information in the file is appended to any previously existing customer information in the database. The infoUSA information must contain telephone numbers for use with Aldelo® For Restaurants.

Warning! Before using the Aldelo® Customer Import Utility, make sure you first backup your existing database. If you fail to create the CSV file properly, you run the risk of permanently damaging your live database. Changes created by importing data directly into the Aldelo® For Restaurants database cannot be reversed. Having a current backup of your existing live database allows you to restore the database to its original condition should any problems arise due to the use of this utility. Aldelo Systems Inc. shall not be responsible for any damages whatsoever, monetary or otherwise, resulting from the use of this software.

File Format

The information in the CSV file must follow a specific format. It is the responsibility of the user to make sure the information adheres to this required format. If the information cannot be manipulated by the user to conform to the required format, then it cannot be imported. If you use infoUSA as the source for your customer information, contact them for assistance. Aldelo Systems
Inc. cannot provide assistance with converting the information in your CSV file into the proper format.

Each field of information in a record must be surrounded by quotation marks (“ ”) and separated from the next field by a comma (,). After the last field of a record, no comma is required. Begin the information for the next customer record on a new line. When complete, the text file should look like the sample below:

“John L. Sullivan”,“4820 Miramar St”,“Modesto”,“CA”,“95356”,“209-555-7230”
“William Stern”,“5319 Yarmark Ave”,“Modesto”,“CA”,“95355”,“209-234-5678”
“Joan Alexander”,“5525 Palm Ave”,“Turlock”, “CA”, “95382”,“209-777-9173”
“Bernard Zanville”,“1750 Aria Way”,“Modesto”,“CA”,“95355”,“209-551-2323”

When finished creating the file, save it with a .txt file extension and note the location of the file.

Importing Data

From your desktop, navigate to Start > All Programs > Aldelo For Restaurants > Tools and click on “Customer Address Importer” to display the main screen of the import utility. Review the information in the group box labeled “Customer Information Will Be Imported Into the Following Database” at the bottom of the screen.


This information should match the Current Data Source information listed in the message box when you click on “Data Source” in the Back Office of Aldelo® For Restaurants.


Once you have determined that the locations match, click the “Browse” button on the Aldelo® Customer Import Utility main screen to display the file selection window. Browse to the file, select it, and click the “Open” button.


The path to the file appears in the field at the top of the Aldelo® Customer Import Utility screen. Next, make sure the Field Customization values match the order in which the data in your file appears and select the number of digits you wish to display in the Zip Code/Postal Code Length field. When finished with the Field Customization values, click the “Import” button.


Note: The number of digits selected in the Zip Code/Postal Code Length field does not necessarily have to match the number of digits allocated to the zip code or postal code in the data file. Any excess digits are truncated and the number of digits displayed matches the value chosen. For example, if the data file contains zip codes in the format “95356-1234” and you chose “5” in the Zip Code/Postal Code Length field, the zip code displays as “95356” in Aldelo® For Restaurants upon completion of the import.

If the import is successful, the message “Importing Customer Information Completed Successfully” displays at the bottom of the Aldelo® Customer Import Utility screen.


Upon successful completion of the data import, open Aldelo® For Restaurants and navigate to Back Office > Activities > Customer Activities > Maintain Customer Records to see that the imported data has been added to your existing Customer Records data.