Quickbooks 1327 Drive not found error SOLVED

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Quickbooks will not install any updates and generates an error 1327:

{drive letter} does not exist – even thorough the drive does exist. I spend a few days trying to reload, going through the registry and attempting to reload Quickbooks. After several days of nothing, i came across 2 registry entries that could NOT have any relation to Quickbooks, but at this point any thing may work. Apparently, I modified the PICTURES location from C:\ to my G:\ drive a few month ago. Quickbooks was updating after this change so again, how can now this be an error. So in a last ditch attempt to get Quickbooks working, I modified the registry  (I probably could have done it by right clicking on the PICTURES folder and changing locations) to %USERPROFILES%\pictures. I hit SAVE and restarted Quickbooks and attempted the updated – to my surprise it worked!

Maybe a Windows update combined with the Windows Installer in relation to Quickbooks along with a minor solar eclipse and 2 stars being in alignment plus i shaved my right side of my face first with my new shaving cream at 6:15am made this work.

Either way problem solved!

When you start to install, you get error 1327, which references an invalid drive.

  1. Back up your Registry.
  2. Select Start> Run> and then type Regedit.
  3. Navigate to the following folder: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders
  4. In the right panel, search for entries that list the drive letter stated in the error
  5. Modify the incorrect drive to point to C:\
  6. Try the update again – if successful – re modify registry to point back to proper drives if you changed anything you need