Options Tab & Calendar Views In Webmail

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Using the Options Tab and Changing Calendar Views:

  1. Set Automatic Replies (Out Of Office Message)



    • Click options and then select “Set Automatic Replies”.
    • Select “Send Automatic Replies”
    • Check the box “Send replies only during this time period” and fill in the Start Time and End Time.
    • Fill in the message to be sent out.
    • Scroll down and check the box “Send Automatic Replies messages to senders outside my organization”
    • Re-Enter the auto reply message to be sent out.
    • Click Save.



  • Click options and then select “Change Your Password”.
  • Enter Your Current Password.
  • Enter your new password, twice to confirm.
  • Click Save.

Changing Views In The Calendar

The Calendar has 4 primary views that can be changed by clicking one of the four calendar icons:

  • 5 Day Work Week
  • 7 Day Work Week
  • Single Day View
  • 30 Day (Month) View

Adding A POP 3 Account To Your Android Device

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  1. Open the Email App and select Add Account. Enter your email address and click next
  2. When prompted, select pop3
  3. When prompted, enter your password and click next
  4. When propted, enter your username
  5. Incoming Server Settings – Change the following:
    1. incoming server to: pop3.vcsny.com
    2. Change the port to 995
    3. Set Security Type to SSL/TLS
  6. Click Next
  7. Outgoing Server Settings – Change the following:
    1. incoming server to: pop3.vcsny.com
    2. Change the port to 995
    3. Set Security Type to SSL/TLS
  8. Click Next
  9. On the next screen, leave the default options unchanged and then Click Next again
  10. Finally, enter your First and Last name to be shown on message replies. Click Next to finish.

Accessing Webmail

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How to Access Your Webmail

  1. In your Internet browser, type the webmail url into the address bar: mail.[yourcompanyname].com. You can also use the alternate link https://vcsowa.vcsny.com.


    If you are logging in from your own, personal computer (not a shared one for instance, at a library or cyber cafe), select the option for “This is a private computer”.
    There are extra security parameters in place that protect your account, such as logging you off after a period of inactivity, should you leave public or shared computer checked.

  2. Enter your username in the username field
  3. Enter your password in the password field
  4. Click Sign In


    If you are accessing web-mail from a slow connection, it is recommended that you select the light version. It provides the same basic functionality, while using less bandwidth.

Note for internet explorer 11 users:

Internet Explorer 11 sometimes requires that you access web-mail using compatibility mode. To add web-mail to your browsers compatibility view settings, you must do the following:

  1. With Internet Explorer open, select tools (it looks like a tiny gear or cog, on the upper right hand side of the screen) and then select “compatability view settings”
  2. In the field under Add This Website, type in vcsny.com and click add.
  3. Check off (to enable) the two check boxes at the bottom of the screen:
    Display intranet sites in Compatibility View
    Use Microsoft Compatibility Lists
  4. Click Close to Finish
  5. Restart your browser and then try logging into web-mail.

Should you have any issues logging in, please contact us.

Click Here for a complete walkthrough on how to use webmail.

Adding Your Outlook Data To Onguard Backup

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These instructions will allow you to locate your Outlook Data File and set your OnGuard Remote Backup to perform a backup of your emails.
Your contacts, messages, calendar entries, tasks, and all other email data is stored in a special file on your computer called a PST file. This file should be backed up regularly to ensure you do not lose your history in the event of a hardware failure.

Note: You must have Outlook closed before you perform a backup or before your scheduled backup begins.

Video: How to add your Outlook Data to Onguard Backup

Part 1 – Locate your Email Data

  1. Open Start and then select Control Panel
  2. Double Click Mail (See Image Below)
  3. Click Data Files (See Image Below)
  4. Highlight the folder Labeled Personal Folders and select Open Folder(See Image Below)
  5. Write down the full path shown in the address bar. You will need to browse to this path in step 2.
    In most cases the default path will be C:\Users\{Your Username}\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\
Locate Email Data

Part 2 – Add data to Onguard Backup Selections

  1. Open Onguard Backup
  2. Click Backup, and then Selections
  3. On the left window: Expand Computer and then double click on Volumes
  4. Double click drive C and then drill down to the path you found in Part 1
  5. Select each of the files inside the outlook folder and then click save
Outlook Data Onguard

Your outlook files will now be part of your regular backup