About Us


We are confident in what we do; plain and simple. Bulldog Tech understands your needs, problems and frustration that arises when things do not work the way they are supposed to. Our skills give us the confidence we need to serve you better.


We are committed to making things work. We are committed to success, your success. We do not have solutions to all the world’s problems and we are not afraid to say, “not sure”, but we are committed to help you the best way possible.


With 24 years in business comes a lot of experience. We have learned the best ways to solve your IT problems. Our knowledge and experience keep your downtime to a minimum making your business run more efficiently and profitable.

Technology Junkies

This industry is in a constant state of change and you need a company that can stay up to date with the latest technology available. We use, experiment and actively work with the cutting edge technologies today. We offer you the most advanced services and support.

Problem Solvers

We have working & affordable solutions to your needs. Combining our confidence, experience, commitment and use of technology we provide you with the best solutions to your business needs. We are problem solvers.

Able to Adapt

Change is hard. Our staff is encouraged to think out of the box and adapt to new circumstances. We monitor and discuss the latest technology and market trends in this industry to efficiently and responsibly help our customers adapt in this changing world.


By being able to adapt under different circumstances we are able to penetrate and be dominant in new markets. We don’t just hope to compete, we aspire to dominate our competition for the benefit of our customers. We wish to dominate in quality, service, support & value.

Brooklyn Made

Brooklyn is one of the toughest places in the entire world. We bring that toughness to the plate in order to help you, your staff and your business. We like to get to the point of things and want to help you make money the best way we can. We can assure you that you won’t find another company like us. Fuggedaboutit!

Meet Our Team


Anthony Pennacchio



Betsy Diaz

Office Manager


Joseph Massa

IT Administrator



Field Technician


Camille Pennacchio

Customer Service/Shipping



Field Technician
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Field Technician

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