service contracts

Let us take care of your systems while you take care of your business!

Flexible Customized IT Solutions

Bulldog Tech works with our clients to provide flexible customized IT solutions that fit their needs.
Don’t wait to suffer a crippling IT failure. Every hour you are not operational costs you money in lost business and wasted employee productivity.

Our Service contracts provides benefits over the standard Break/Fix models you are used to.. Break/Fix: when something breaks, your IT guys fix it. While this arrangement offers simplicity, what happens when parts of your system are down for hours? What if they are down for a few days? Bulldog Tech monitors your systems 24x7x365. We proactively solve issues and maintain your systems reducing long hours of downtime.

Our Service Contracts are always the same low cost every month no matter how many times we need to work on your systems to keep them 100% operational.

With Bulldog Tech Service Contracts you get:

  • Peace of mind – your systems are monitored 24/7
  • Less downtime – we identify and fix issues before they cause problems
  • Fewer disruptions – we provide most services remotely or overnight
  • Flexible Solutions – we offer services ranging from server and workstation monitoring to website hosting and everything in between.
  • Predictable budgeting – all-inclusive, all-you-can-use, flat-rate IT services that include all software issues.
  • Optional Hardware – For true comprehensive peace of mind, we can offer full hardware/software support. A cost effective one-stop shop to maintain your systems.
  • Increased Reliability
  • On-Site, Email, Phone & Remote Access Support
  • Network Server & Workstation monitoring