Our virtual office service, ShowMyOffice, reduces cost, headaches, increases productivity and organizational agility. Our On-Demand applications allow you to be more efficient in your office’s day to day operations. Rapidly respond to the changing economy with our ShowMyOffice service.

Be more productive

Focus your efforts on productivity, taking advantage of new market trends and generating profits; leave the PC and server maintenance to us. Our Vanguard Team is here to help you increase productivity by taking care of the technical aspect of your business.

Take your office anywhere

Our ShowMyOffice service allows you to travel freely without worries of skipping a beat. Stay up to date with what goes on in your physical office and be more productive on the road. ShowMyOffice works wherever there is internet and on any connected device, whether it be a desktop PC, tablet or smartphone.


Is ShowMyOffice™ for you?

Enjoy access to your business data 24x7x365 from anywhere in the world. Empower your sales reps and field people by giving them instant access to the most pertinent information needed to help your customers.
Migrating your business to the “Cloud” has many benefits and, at the same time, potential pitfalls. Here are a few questions to see if the our Cloud Services are right for you.

Q: Do you currently backup your data? Have you tried a restore? Monthly cost?

We backup your data on a daily basis and verifies the data for a restore should you need a file.

Q: Do you have mobile employees?

Cloud based applications are a natural for mobile employees providing them access to the files they need when they need them the most.

Q. Do you want to reduce expenses?

Migrating to the cloud will reduce your IT expenses and make you more efficient, mobile and adaptive in todays competitive business arena – Bulldog Tech has the experience to guide you through the process and transform your business into a mean lean money making machine!

Q: How old are your servers? Workstations? Do you check for updates and perform maintenance?

Bulldog Tech’s cloud office solutions run on the most powerful hardware with 24x7x365 maintenance and support in our certified data centers – we provide 99.99% up time – because your business does not have a pause button!

Q: Do you have high speed internet with proper routers and a fail-over internet?

Migrating to cloud computing demands fast internet, quality routers and firewalls and a backup internet service – Bulldog Tech has the knowledge and experience to guide, deliver and install your infrastructure for non – stop business activities!

Q: Are your applications able to run in the CLOUD?

Bulldog Tech will provide an assessment of your software and recommend solutions to migrating seamlessly and cost effectively to the cloud

Why ShowMyOffice?

Our ShowMyOffice will make your life easier in so many ways. Here are some of the things you will experience while using ShowMyOffice:

  • Reduce IT expenses
  • Reduce Operating Cost
  • Business continuity and redundancy
  • Data backup
  • Empowering their sales force with the tool customers demand to close the sale!
  • Anywhere, Anytime Any device accessibility to their business