For our users: How to protect yourself against SPAM

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Bulldog Tech’s Spam control panel puts you in control of your mail. Block spammers, allow trusted emails to be delivered, protect against mail viruses and unwanted messages. Manage your inbox efficiently, effectively and safely.

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Managing Your Spam Control Panel

  1. Logging into Our Spam Firewall
  2. Resetting Your Password
  3. Viewing the Quarantine Inbox
  4. Changing your settings
  5. Whitelist/Blacklist
  6. Quarantine settings
  7. Spam settings

Logging into Our Spam Firewall

You can now manage your whitelist, blacklist, spam filter settings, and block/unblock messages flagged as spam.

Logging In:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your username, which is your full email address (
  3. Enter your email password (The same one you use for Outlook & Webmail).



Resetting Your Password

  1. On the login page (, enter your full email address in the username field.
  2. Leave the password field blank.
  3. Click the Create New Password button at the bottom of the page.
  4. Your new password will be emailed to you. Check your inbox and then click on the link received to log in.


Viewing the Quarantine Inbox

Upon logging in you will be presented with the quarantine inbox, which is where our spam firewall stores any messages it considers to be spam. If you have messages inside the quarantine inbox simply select the ones you wish to retrieve, and then select one of the following:

  • Deliver: Delivers the messages to your inbox.
  • Whitelist: Marks the sender of the message as safe and prevents the firewall from blocking any further messages from the sender.
  • Delete: Permanantly removes  the message from the spam firewall.


Changing Your Settings

Select the preferences button in order to change your individual settings regarding how our system manages your spam filtering. From here you can manage the following:

  • Whitelist / Blacklist
  • Quarantine Settings
  • Spam Settings


Whitelist / Blacklist

Whitelisting allows you to instruct our spam firewall to always allow emails from a specified sender or domain to deliver to your inbox. Black List on the other hand instructs our spam firewall to always block emails from a specified sender or domain.

  • To Whitelist an email address: Enter the full email address under “Allowed Email Addresses and Domains (Whitelist)” and select the Add button.
  • To Blacklist an email address: Enter the full email address under “Blocked Email Addresses and Domains (Blacklist)” and select the Add Button.


Quarantine Settings

On the Quarantine Settings screen, you have the ability to disable or enable the quarantine functionality (all messages deliver to your inbox), set up notifications, and change the default language.

  • Enable Quarantine: Messages deemed to be spam will deliver to your inbox and will not be stored inside our firewall’s quarantine.
  • Quarantine Notification: Should you wish to recieve a report of any messages quarantined, provide your Email Address and select a notification interval. You can receive these notifications Daily, Weekly, or Never.
  • Default Language: Sets the default encoding language. It is recommended that this not be changed.


Spam Settings

On the Spam Settings screen, you have the ability to adjust the sensitivity of the spam checking. Higher scores indicate more strict filtering of messages.

  • Use System Defaults:  Allows you to override our default settings.
  • Tag: Messages with a score of 4 will be marked as spam in the subject line, but will be delivered.
  • Quarantine: messages with a score of  10 will be quarantined and not delivered to your inbox. You will need to log in to the spam firewall in order to retrieve them.
  • Block: Messages with a score of 5 will be blocked.



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