Monitoring Your Backups and Restores using Onguard Backup

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The Monitor tab presents you with easy to visualize views of your backups and restores.


The Overview tab provides you with a calendar view of your most recent backups, highlighting which dates backups occurred with color codes indicating if the latest backup on each date was good, had issues, or was interrupted and did not complete.  So, for example, in the screen capture below we see that a backup completed on December 10th with issues, and a good backup completed on December 11th.

The top right portion of the Overview tab indicates the status of the most recent backup completed, if a backup or restore is not currently running, or the status of the currently running operation.  In the screen capture below we see that the most recent completed backup was on December 11th and 1 changed file was backed up.

When a backup or restore is running, the Overview tab shows a dynamic view of what is transpiring, as shown below.

In the above “live” example, the top right panel shows that 64 files are to be backed up of size 383.0MB, and that the backup is 44% complete (this is also shown graphically along the bottom of the window with the green percent complete band) and should be completed in approximately 8 seconds.  The top right panel also shows the upload and download network “bandwidth” the client has.  In addition, please note the “Stop” button which you can use to terminate a backup or restore.

While a backup or restore is running, the lower half of the window shows information on the status of the current file being backed up, such as it’s name, size, and progress, as shown below.

At the very bottom of the window there is a table which will show issues, if any, which have occurred during the backup or restore so far.  In the example below a warning was thrown for the junction point “E:\test#123\mounted_vol”