Main Toolbar in New Message Window In Webmail

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The Main Toolbar:


  1. Reply: Send a response to the sender of the current message.
  2. Reply All: Send a copy of the response to all recipients on the current message.
  3. Forward: Send a copy of the current message to another party.
  4. Flag Message: Assign a priority to the message. Ranges from high to low.
  5. Categorize: Assign a specific category to the message.
  6. Message Details: Show the headers from the message. Used for troubleshooting purposes.
  7. Printable View: Displays the message formatted to a sheet of paper for printing.
  8. New Inbox Rule: create an inbox view based on the current message. Example: Move all messages like this to a specific folder.
  9. Delete: Delete the current message.
  10. Move: Move the current message to a specific folder
  11. Previous: Show the previous email message in the current folder.
  12. Next: Show the next email message in the current folder