I’ve been open for a few years and I’d like to backup my database and start a new one with all the same menu items but none of the sales information- how can I do this? And how would I look at my old sales if I needed to get access to them again?

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Before you do anything you will want to make a backup of your current database, and know the path to the file incase you need to access any of this information you will need to disconnect from your current database and connect to the backup database. Now to delete all of your trasactions prior to a certain date you will want to open a program named “adDBcleaner30” this is part of the Aldelo installation. 

This program will be found by going to mycomputer>local disk>program files>aldelo>Aldelo For Restaurants>Aldelo for Restaurants Tools>Database Cleaner>adDBcleaner30


After Selecting the cleaner you will then have to specify the location of your current database and then enter the date that you would like to have all of the transactions deleted prior too. After all of this information has been populated you will want to shut down the Aldelo on all of your stations, and then select the “Start Cleaning” button. If the cleaner errors out then you most likely haven’t shut down your Aldelo software on all of your stations.


You have now sucessfully deleted all transactions.

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