Resolving Aldelo DRM Errors

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The Aldelo DRM Error issue might be caused by a large number of reasons, but the number one cause for an Aldelo error such as “process drm payload failed” or “restart drm service” is all connected to ADRM.EndPoint.Service.exe

ADRM.EndPoint.Service.exe runs itself as a service named ‘Aldelo DRM Services’ (Aldelo DRM Services).

Here are the list of files installed by Aldelo EPS:

Aldelo.AIS.Config.exe – Aldelo.IntegrationServices.Config (Aldelo.IntegrationServices Configuration Utility)
Aldelo.AIS.Service.exe – Aldelo.IntegrationServices
ADRM.EndPoint.Service.exe – ADRM.EndPoint.Service
AKDS.Service.LC.exe – Aldelo KDS Service
ADRM.Client.exe – ADRM.Client (Aldelo DRM Client)
AKDS.Client.LC.exe – AKDS.Client (Aldelo KDS Client)
APFX.Config.exe – APFX.Config
APFX.Server.exe – APFX.Server

To solve the Aldelo DRM Error issue effectively and efficiently, contact Shoreline Technical Services right now at: 714-581-8000

Start the “Aldelo Integration Services” Client Application
1. Click “End Points” Tab and select “Renew Keys” for the DRM entry

2. Click “Home” Tab and Select “Yes” to Renew the AIS Encryption Key

3. Once “Home” Tab is visible, click “Elevate Security” button
4. Once AIS Client application auto restarts, click “Install Service”
5. If the AIS Win Service was previously installed, then click the “Run Service” button instead
Start the “Aldelo DRM” Client Application
1. Click the “Manage Services” button, you may be prompted to
elevate security, if so, answer “Yes”.
2. Once Aldelo DRM client restarts, click “Manage Services” button again to view the Windows Service management screen
3. Click the “Add Http Reservation” button to reserve the http namespace. This is important in order for the DRM service to
operate properly. (Follow the default prompts that appears)
4. Now click the “Install Service” or “Start Service” to enable the
Windows service into running state
5. Now you may exit the Aldelo DRM Client unless you are ready to
activate one or more serial numbers

Activate License
1. Click “Activate License” button within Aldelo DRM Client

2. Enter the Valid and Registered Serial Number
3. Click Next (This May Take a Minute)
4. Confirm The Information and Next / Next
5. Click Finish To Perform Activation
Note: You May Have Multiple Activations of Different Serial Numbers for Different Products, But Same Serial Number Cannot Be
Activated Twice On The Same Compute.

Renew License
1. Select An Existing Activation From The List and Click The Renew License Button

De-Activate License
1. Select An Existing Activation From The List and Then Click The De-
Activate License Button