Using Aldelo Database Cleaner To Archive Old Sales (Reduce Database Size)

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The Aldelo® Database Cleaner reduces the size of the active database in Aldelo® For Restaurants and archives the old sales information for tax purposes. Sales and void information are removed from the database while leaving other data, such as customer information, inventory information, employee information, etc., intact. It is very simple to use.

Warning! Do not use the Aldelo® Database Cleaner utility if there are any outstanding gift certificates or in house charges remaining that were issued prior to your selected date. If you do, these gift certificates and in house charges will be removed from the database along with your sales and void information. Once this information has been removed, it cannot be recovered. Always backup your database before using the Aldelo® Database Cleaner utility. Aldelo Systems Inc. shall not be responsible for any damages whatsoever, monetary or otherwise, resulting from the use of this software.

After running your restaurant with Aldelo® For Restaurants for a period of time, the database can become very large. This in turn can slow down the software. Reducing the size of the database by removing and archiving old sales information can help keep the software running at its peak of performance. The Aldelo® Database Cleaner utility allows the user to select a date prior to which all sales information will be removed from the active database and placed in an archive file. This archive file has a .archive file extension and is saved in the same folder as your active database.

Running the Utility

Note: Be sure to create a backup of your live database before attempting to use the Aldelo® Database Cleaner utility. In Aldelo® For Restaurants, navigate to the Back Office and click on “Backup Database” under Common Tasks.
First, open Aldelo® For Restaurants and navigate to the Back Office. In the System Information group box, make note of the path to the active database file listed under Data Source. You will need this information shortly.
Next, before you can run the Aldelo® Database Cleaner, you must shut down Aldelo® For Restaurants on all workstations, including the server computer. Then, from your desktop, navigate to Start > All Programs > Aldelo For Restaurants > Tools and click on “Database Cleaner” to display the main screen of the utility.


Click on the “Browse” button to display the Database File Selection window. In this window, navigate to the location of your existing live database file. The default path is C:\ Documents and Settings \ All Users \ Application Data \ Aldelo \ Aldelo For Restaurants \ Databases \ Live. If your file is not found here, navigate to the file along the path that was listed in the Back Office of Aldelo® For Restaurants under Data Source. Select your file and click “Open”.


The main screen re-appears with the path to your database displayed in the field at the top. In the lower field, enter the date before which you wish to delete the sales information from your database. The date must be in numerical format with a hyphen or slash separator, such as “01-01-2008” or “1/1/08.” After entering the date, press the “Enter” button on your keyboard. If the date was entered incorrectly, the text you entered in the date field is deleted automatically. Re-enter the date in the correct format. If the date was entered in the correct format, the “Start Cleaning” button is revealed and enabled. Click the “Start Cleaning” button to complete the process.


The Operation Complete message displays when the database cleaning is finished. Click the “OK” button to have the utility attempt to compact the database.


A message confirms that the compact procedure completed successfully (if the compaction fails, be sure to manually compact your database in Aldelo® For Restaurants). Click the “OK” button.


Your database has been successfully cleaned, archived, and compacted!