WARNING – Firefox Update NOT compatible with many web sites & camera systems

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firefox ESR

Firefox has released an update to Ver 52 which has been causing many headaches. We have received many calls from customers stating web sites stop functioning or they have lost access to their cameras and/or they cannot install their Firefox plugins/addons.

We also were effected with similar issues. Only after many hours of trying to understand and repair this, we realized that the issues centered around Firefox’s latest update. Firefox is aware of this and has released an ESR (Extended Support Release) to rollback their changes for a time (yes eventually this fix will also not work). We have used this fix and it does not seem to effect bookmarks or other settings. Eventually, all addons and plugins will have to be upgraded and we are at the mercy of the respective manufacturers – hence when this ESR expires we either can no longer use firefox or we hope our manufacturers update their plugins and web sites – I an not confident about older camera systems being supported at this time.

If you experience ANY issues using firefox such as:

  • You can no longer access your camera systems
  • Web sites ask for plugins
  • PDF viewer stops working
  • Add-Ons in Firefox is empty

You need to do the following:

  1. Check your version of Firefox – Click on the top menu HELP – About Firefox. If you have Ver 52 Continue to the next steps
  2. Click here to download the FIREFOX 5.2 ESR I have this link going right to the English Version simply select the proper 32 or 64 bit – again you can tell which you have by the HELP button
  3. Goto your DOWNLOADS folder and RUN the fire fox update – usually named: FIREFOX SETUP 52.0esr.exe. This will usually be located in your DOWNLOADS folder.
  4. Continue with the STANDARD install of this update
  5. Once completed restart firefox

This should bring back your system to before the update – check your websites and camera systems.

If you experience any other issues, please contact us for help.