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Why do you call your internet provider before Bulldog Tech?


If your internet is “down” or problematic – our productivity suffers, we lose business and employees sit around “waiting” – in effect we lose money when our internet is down not to mention the frustration we have when trying to have it repaired.

Over the years, we have been working with internet providers (cable/Spectrum, Verizon etc..) and our customers to keep their internet operational. Over the years, we have found that these internet providers love to “pass the buck” when they service your internet.  We receive many calls a day when these providers magically appear at your office and state “your network is bad” or “call your IT people” and they leave with you having no or limited internet. Upon calling us, we find almost 100% of the time that the providers tech person did not set up your system properly.

Now you have the background for this newsletter.

Our clients call us for many reasons (all true):

  • “My cell phone won’t dial”
  • “My Amazon order was declined”
  • “facebook is slow”
  • My favorite:  “your man just left and now our microwave does not work”

YET – if you have internet problems, we find that most JUST call their provider, allow them to CHANGE their network and leave without you being operational.

This week alone (yes its just Wednesday!), we have had 3 calls from customers stating our internet provider was here and says its you and we have no internet. Only for us to find that the tech took the router away with them (yes this happened), they did not bridge the modem, or they simply did not plug in the new router to your network.

Things you should know about your internet service and how its setup:

  • Always call first if you have or think you have an internet problem: Always call us first, if you have or think you have an internet problem: Always call us first if you have or think you have an internet problem – Did I say call us first?
  • The hookup. Your internet is attached as follows if you use services: Cable/Verizon Modem – cat5 cable to your router (Linksys/Cisco, Apple or Sonicwall), cat5 cable to your switch. This is the most common hookup, very few have something different and if you do, the ROUTER is removed from the equation.
  • If internet trouble – FIRST – unplug and re-plug your internet modem- wait 2 minutes, THAN unplug & re-plug your router – wait 2 minutes – reboot your computers
  • FOR CABLE ONLY – your cable modem cannot be replaced without configuration – if you have it replaced make sure you call to verify if the modem is BRIDGED.
    Bridging puts the modem in PASS THROUGH mode and allows your router to handle all IP’s and security – if your modem is NOT set for bridge mode and its required for your network – no PC will get on line. The technician can set the bridge mode in less than 5 minutes – always verify with us and do not allow them to leave unless you are 100% working
  • FOR VERIZON ONLY – Same as Cable
  • FOR VERIZON FIOS ONLY – these modems cannot be set to bridge mode and may need PORTS opened – please call.
  • Do NOT allow your provider to be ALONE when working on your equipment –  make sure you watch them and verify they leave all your equipment and do not change cables.
  • BEFORE you have your provider work on your equipment – LABEL all your cables and write down where they are plugged into – and VERIFY they are replaced in same ports – this will eliminate miss-wiring
  • Do NOT EVER allow your internet provider to change settings on your computer and router
  • Most importantly, when you do call us, please make sure the provider is STILL on site and you advise us exactly why you called them and what they have done so far – we do not read minds or have psychic powers. We find all to often that we are not told the what, whens or why’s causing you longer down time and longer more expensive service calls.

Our business depends on the internet – by working together with us and keeping us in the loop, we can all make sure we stay profitable!


Raise your sales!

Anthony Pennacchio
Bulldog Tech