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Microsoft cracks down on tech support scams, 16 call centers raided
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More than 100 Indian police swarmed 16 tech support scam call centers in Gurgaon and Noida last week, arresting 39 people for allegedly impersonating legitimate support reps for companies including Microsoft, Apple, Google, Dell and HP.

The day after the raids, which were carried out on Tuesday and Wednesday, Microsoft said that it has received over 7,000 victim reports from customers in more than 15 countries who’ve been ripped off by the call centers.

This is the second of two recent, big raids on Indian tech support scammers. In October, after Microsoft filed complaints about customers falling for pop-up messages that lied about their systems being infected with malware, Indian police raided 10 illegal call centers and arrested 24 alleged scammers.

In that second raid, law enforcement seized a wealth of evidence, including the call scripts, live chats, voice call recordings and customer records used to run the scams.

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