How ransomeware works and why you need OnGuard Remote Backup

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Ransomware attacks can

DESTROY your business!

Attacks do not happen all in one go.

Imagine a computer network is like an enemy fortress. If you want to capture it, you do not just lob a grenade over the wall and hope the soldiers are all killed. You start by infiltrating your best guy.

You smuggle him past the defenses and leave him to sneak around inside for a while. Get the lay of the land. Draw maps for when your main forces arrive. Find out where all the good stuff is hidden. See if there are any traps to avoid.

In our case, for traps substitute ‘backups.’ Backups are kryptonite to ransomware. There is no point in locking a bunch of data if your intended victim has a clean copy. They would just laugh in your face. That is a big problem because some of these groups are in the game for prestige as much as they are for cash.

So, if they find a backup—which are usually only connected briefly to capture a snapshot of any recent changes and then get taken off-line or even off-site for safekeeping—they immediately deploy a special kind of program. A particularly sneaky kind.

We call it a trident because it does three things all at once. One, it destroys all the data that has already been backed up. It is either wiped clean or replaced with porn or taunting messages, or things like that. Two, it prevents any new backups getting saved. And three, it sends spoof signals to the organization’s management system saying that everything is working OK. That way it avoids alerting anyone to what is happening and adds to the blow when the main systems lock up and the ransom demand is posted.

If you do not protect your data and are attacked by ransomware – you will be shut down!

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