Aldelo POS – Reprinting an Invoice

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To reprint an invoice in Aldelo POS:

  • In the main screen – Hit RECALL ORDERS
  • Under ACTIVITY, use recall date  – scroll down for the dates
  • You will than get a list of tickets for the day
  • When receipt is found –> Hit PRINT

If you have the invoice number, you can also search for the invoice number.

If you have questions, please call Vanguard Tech Support: 718-921-6159

Aldelo Error: To many licenses used or backup states a station is logged in

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Upon launching Aldelo, you receive an error stating there are more computers connected to the database than are licensed or if you try to perform a backup it states a station is logged in.

This usually occurs if Aldelo was not properly shut down or was left running in another Windows account or you have too many stations exceeding your license count.

To remedy this:

  1. Open Aldelo
  2. Goto the Backend
  3. On the Top menu click Activities
  4. Click “Monitor client connections
  5. You will see a list of stations currently connected to the database.
  6. Shutdown any running Aldelo stations
  7. Click Done

Aldelo should start normally on all stations provided you have not again exceeded your license count and the backup should work properly.

Call Vanguard Systems if you need additional help.

Fixing Aldelo error “No Valid Database” and starting Aldelo with no database attached

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Fixing the error –“No Valid Database Message Fix”  or to Start Aldelo POS with No Database

By starting Aldelo POS with no database attached, you have the opportunity to bypass any errors on startup and have access to the ADMIN so you can create a new database.


  1. Add nodb to end of Aldelo shorcut in windows
  2. Right click on the Aldelo shortcut
  3. Scroll down to PROPERTIES and click
  4. In SHORTCUT TAB – scroll to end and BEFORE the Quote add nodb:
  5. Example: “C:\Program Files\aldelo\aldelo.exe nodb”
  6. Click OK
  7. Try to run Aldelo