Nortel Phone System – Changing Mailbox Password

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Main mailbox#: either 10 or 100

This video covers how to reset your mailbox password or any mailbox’s password as an administrator on your Nortel phone:

  • Go to one of the bigger phones in your office, for example “Nortel T7316E”, or “Nortel T7324”
    Press “Feature” -> Enter 983, the screen should show “LOG”, then enter your password then press OK. In our case, The password is 1020000. This is the default password for this type of system.
  • Press “MBOX” -> press “CHANGE”, then enter the mailbox number that you want to reset. In our case, the mailbox number is 223. Press the “Reset” option button once.
  • The system will flash briefly. Press the “release” button or hang up the phone to finish editing. You can now go to your mailbox. If there is a mailbox button on your phone, press it. If not, press the “Feature” button-> enter 981.
  • The system will ask: “PLEASE ENTER YOUR MAILBOX NUMBER AND YOUR PASSWORD THEN PRESS NUMBER SIGN ”. Enter your mailbox number and the default password which is “0000”, then press “#”.
  • The system will ask you to enter the new password. Enter the new password now then press “#”. Accept the change by pressing the “Yes” option button.
  • The system will then ask you to record a name to initialize the mailbox. Pick up your handset and record the name you would like to associate with the mailbox.

Download the Norstar-Nortel VoiceMail Setup Guide