Windows Updates MUST BE DONE

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windows update

Recent calls from customers with KYOCERA copier machines

& DYMO label printers Not working!

Windows updates BREAK these printers!

Your system may bluescreen and reboot or print blank labels


Dymo printer error

Fixes vary – new DYMO software is NOT compatible with all applications and must be updated with discretion.

Kyocera – reinstall driver, if that does not work – call Kyocera!

windows update


These updates come out every Tuesday/Wednesday – if you do NOT reboot and update your system when asked, your computer WILL NOT WORK PROPERLY! Microsoft causes your system to “BREAK” for want of a better term to force you to do the updates.

Yes its a pain in the ass and takes a lot of time – but its required!

Please call or email us if you need help and YES we will advise to call Kyocera if the reinstall printer is not successful!